Kathy Clifford

As a seasoned facilitator, her passion for candid yet compassionate communication allows her to cultivate safe and trusting environments for transparency and truth telling to quickly emerge. Her clients measurably improve the critical skills of adapting and connecting to people with different work styles and communication preferences. With a focus on influencing and improving key stakeholder relationships, the result of Kathy's work is improved engagement and collaboration that leverages the strength and potential of all parties. Whether working with individuals, partner/colleagues, or teams, Kathy's clients continually comment of the speed of trust she builds.

The results Kathy's clients rave about are:
  • Getting a larger quotient of their employee's energy and commitment
  • Resolved or reduced interpersonal conflict
  • More effective and efficient leadership skill development
  • Improved communication skills and adaptability
  • Increased self-awareness and clarity of aligned priorities

Most recently, Kathy served Insights Learning and Development as Senior Leadership Development Director for five years, facilitating over 300 advanced teaming programs globally for leadership teams in both the profit and non-profit sectors. She is accredited in all Insights curriculum. She received her coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute in 2002. She serves the community through Hospice volunteer work, mentoring aspiring young women, and supporting her home community. Kathy loves to travel, play with her daughter, Kaya, and spend time in the outdoors and nature, near her hometown of Carnation, Washington.